SunCure UVC 2000 UV curing catalyst hardener makes 38 litres polyester resin


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SunCure UVC 2000

Advanced Resin System

This 70 gram pack will cure 38 litres of polyester resin

Ultra Violet Catalyst – For Polyester Resin

For unsaturated polyester resins.

Mixing instructions:

1. Secure a mixing area free from any direct Sunlight. Use

fluorescent incandescent lighting during application.

2. Away from direct Sunlight add 3 x 1cc scoops of SunCure

for each litre of resin to an empty opaque container. (scoop provided)

3. Add polyester resin. Make sure there is

some air space in the top of the jug to allow for easy mixing.

4 “SHAKE” for at least 5 minutes, or use paint mixer.

5. Let stand for at least 20 minutes, to allow for full saturation.

6. Test small sample in sun before continuing with application.

(Note: Mixture must be exact and completely mixed or the

resin will not achieve maximum performance.)

7.SunCure UVC 2000 will cure in minutes outside as long

as there is enough sunlight to produce a shadow. Exposure

time and intensity will determine the total cure. Normal

laminations take 3 to 5 minutes to fully cure under normal.

sunlight conditions. For artificial UV curing info contact —


EYE and SKIN contact, flush with plenty of water, Get medical attention if irritation occurs.

Discard any contaminated clothing. INHALATION, remove to fresh air. Get medical attention

if irritation develops or becomes difficult. INGESTION: if swallowed, give at least 3-4 glasses

of water, but DO NOT induce vomiting. if vomiting occurs, give water again. Get medical attention:


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3 x 70g makes 114 litres, 70g makes 38 litres, 7g makes 3.8 litres