grind your own wheat seeds – 5kgs


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In addition to providing an excellent source of fibre, protein, iron, several vitamins, and minerals, when you grind the wheat berries for immediate use as flour, that flour contains 40 more nutrients than store-bought, bagged flour.

  • Freshly ground wheat flour has a high vitamin content; vitamins that degrade all too quickly when exposed to the air. The whole grain flour that we buy from stores is often quite stale and may have significantly reduced vitamin content when compared to freshly ground.
  • Throw some in a blender or food processor and grind to flour consistency.
  • Start with a half cup of whole grain. Turn the blender up to its highest speed. If the blender seems to bog down, stop and reduce the amount of grain.
  • Add a larger amount for the next batch if the blender handled the original half cup sufficiently. Continue to grind the grains until they reach the consistency desired.
  • Grind the grain in batches until the desired amount is achieved.
  • Pick your favourite pasta, pancake, bread, cookie or muffin recipe and start baking!


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