bright lake pigments colours for paints, food & cosmetics


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Please note: pigments are insoluble in water. They are for use in dry applications (such as mixture with other powder to colour it), or for mixture with oil to form a suspension e.g, with linseed oil to make oil paints. If you need a colouring to dissolve in water, please see our range of water soluble dyes.

Lakes are often used to color food, drugs and cosmetics. For food coloring, lake pigments are used when water soluble food dyes are inefficient. Specifically, when the food at hand lacks the appropriate level of moisture in which other types of dyes can dissolve, lake pigments are often used. Lake pigments are also used for coloring foods containing fats and oils. While both traditional food dyes and lake pigments are both oil insoluble, lakes are oil dispersible. Lakes are commonly used in personal care products such as lipsticks, eye-shadow, nail polishes, lotions and other cosmetics because of their chemical attributes and coloring qualities.

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Allura Red – E129, Brilliant Black – E151, Brilliant Blue FCF – E133, Carmoisine – E122, Chocolate Brown HT – E155, Indigotine – E132, Ponceau 4R – E124, Quinoline Yellow – E104, Sunset Yellow – E110, Tartrazine – E102


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