Remote spray jet trigger spray for 38mm neck 5 litre jerry can gardening car valeting


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An industrial grade sprayer for all your car valeting or gardening jobs.

This remote trigger sprayer turns all of your 5 litre jerrycans into convenient spray bottles. Just attach the sprayer to the bottle and you can spray hard-to-reach areas without having to pick up the container every time. It eliminates the need for more bottles. Just attach it to the bulk jerrycan and pull the trigger!

Now you can buy products in bulk and you don’t necessarily have to transfer them all to smaller bottles. Set the 5 litre jerrycan on the ground and spray without a bottle getting in your way. Hold the 5 litre jerrycan in one hand and spray with the other when working. The remote sprayer gives you more flexibility to deliver your liquid to exactly where you need it.

  • fully adjustable, spray a wide mist or a narrow stream.
  • the extra long trigger is ergonomically designed to help reduce hand fatigue from prolonged use.
  • has an output of 1 cc per stroke and a 36 inch dip tube.
  • the sprayer has a 38/400 neck that fits any standard 5 litre jerry can.
  • compatible with all types of car valeting and garden chemicals.


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