6 x 100ml resealable refillable alcohol booze drinks smuggle bag with funnel


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Our range of spouted pouches and bags provide the perfect storage solution for all types of liquids, powders and small grains.

  • save a packet with these handy and convenient spouted drinks bags.
  • fill them with your favourite drinks and take them to bars, events and festivals instead of buying overpriced drinks.
  • they will pay for themselves in an afternoon.
  • can be hidden in a bra or trousers.
  • lightweight, leakproof, foldable, resealable and reuseable.
  • includes a free funnel to decant your liquids.
  • perfect for discreet storage of alcohol products at pop and rock concerts, festivals and other events
  • 8mm neck and tamper-proof cap provides water and air tight storage with no odours
  • resealable and refillable
  • stand up gusset for easy storage of filled pouches
  • contents can be squeezed out for minimal wasteage
  • air bubbles can be evacuated before sealing for storage of oxidisable products