250ml colloidal silver gel virucidal fungicidal bactericidal microbial 20ppm


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  • Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal
  • Perfect as an antimicrobial hand gel
  • Contains soothing Aloe Vera gel and essential oilsIngredients:
    Pure steam distilled water, .999 pure silver colloidal particles (20 parts per million), Aloe Vera gel, Peppermint Arvensis essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil

    Please note that colloidal silver gel is for use on the skin only and not for ingestion

Colloidal silver is without a doubt one of the single-greatest natural antiviral agents on the face of the earth for your health. It’s broad spectrum antibacterial qualities are indisputable. The size of the silver particles in water are the key to its ability to decimate a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Through an electrical process, silver is broken down into particles in purified water.

Clinical research, recently, has validated that colloidal silver has an enormous impact on modern medicine, with the historically ancient drug showing promise for AIDS, MRSA, Lyme disease, rotavirus, norovirus, different forms of the flu, and the rhinovirus, which is responsible for colds and viral pneumonia, as well as bronchitis. Many medical researchers and other experts are recommending that colloidal silver be used as a first-line defense against flu and other viral epidemics.

The term “silver spoon in his mouth” originated during the plague days. The wealthy people ate on silver with silver utensils and never seemed to get sick. It was finally discovered that it was the silver that helped them resist the black plague. Today, many medical institutions even use a silver ointment coating on ventilators during intubation to reduce associated risks for pneumonia.

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